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Ruckus ZD 1200 Linking to existing ZD 1200

New Contributor II
This is a new implantation of Ruckus ZD1200 to existing network . Existing network have wifi system  with Ruckus ZD1200 with 15 AP. The main task of new ZD and AP's it has to link with existing WLAN. 
How I can implement and configure the ZD?
It is villa project existing wifi 's are indoor and new wifi system is placed for out door . 
The main aim is when a user coming from indoor to outdoor WLAN should be connect automatically to new system with any disconnect .

New Contributor III
Hi Sangeet,

I am assuming that you are having 2 1200 ZD's. One for all the Indoor AP's and the other for outdoor AP's and you want that users connected to outdoor AP when roamed to the indoor AP should not disconnect and vice versa. Is that correct. Actually you could terminate the indoor and the outdoor AP's on the same ZD. Is there any specific reason you have segregated this.


New Contributor II
This is palace network . They were using Indoor  ZD & AP's last  years. The out door AP's a building expansion and separated to new ZD. 

In roaming we have achieve the result   .