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Vlan Same Subnet and Diferrent Subnet

New Contributor II
Good evening, I am currently conducting laboratory VLAN environments within a network environment where the ZoneDirector is on a separate network access points.

I set up an AP and one wireless controller in the same network, connected such as trunk ports in VLAN 10, the controller automatically connects to the network, but the AP fails to join, it is clear to emphasize that this ap connects with a configuration of fabric.

Question, the AP should in theory be provisioned with the parameters of the controller, I put ip access point? you must configure the Ethernet and VLAN ports on the AP? or controller gives the parameters to the controller?

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Valued Contributor II

as you set this up, as ZD controller/AP is on VLAN 10. Manually configure the IP's on both AP and controller first. directly hook the AP into the controller. Once AP finds the controller, let it join it and once AP shows as connected on the controller. Disconnect it and put it back where ever you want whether its same VLAN or different one...AP will find the controller as long there is a route available in the network..

thanks, then, If my ZoneDirector is in VLAN 10, and I want to associate an ap to that VLAN have to connect the access point directly to port ZoneDirector? because I have configured access VLAN as VLAN ID 10 and AP policies and VLAN ID 10 within ZoneDirector settings.

In this way I am telling the ZoneDirector that is in VLAN 10 and trunk port (access VLAN) and access points that connect must also apply the policy to source from VLAN 10 (VLAN ID ap policies)