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Van issue

Hi ,if I have 2 vlan one is for guest vlan 50 and other is for admin van 58 if I want only to pass 58 to ap lan port , khave hp sw so what would be the configuration ,the port connected to ap to s/w will be tag port ,

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I do not understand the question

In simple word I want to run different vlan on ap lan port what is the configuration for that

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Krishan,

This is configured in the AP Model Specific settings.

The configuration can be done in the AP group level or overridden in each AP configuration under Advanced Settings

This screen shot  is from the AP Configuration where the group settings have been overridden.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43a135b77e2479d02f7_357bf68f78d9c77f25ff4b65d65b3aa2_RackMultipart20180810121710qm1-922a3106-78ef-4a3e-87a0-fda84ee3c235-2117624603.png1533911388

You can configure the second (or other ports for H model AP's) as Access to allow untagged traffic from a device  plugged into this port to be sent out the AP tagged as configured in Untag ID setting in the above picture..

The switch port the AP is connected to (via the required Trunk "wan" port of the AP) must accept this VLAN as tagged.

Leaving the untag ID as 1 will send the wired device traffic out the WAN port as untagged into the default VLAN.

You can also configure this port as "Trunk" to allow a VLAN switch connect to this port that will send multiple VLAN's through the AP.  The untag ID can send untagged traffic from this switch into a taged VLAN egressing the AP if set to anyting other then 1.

Setting this port to General allows you to "prune" the VLAN's where all expected VLAN's must be added as Members.

This can be used where MESH AP's are used to link networks from one site/building to the main site.

You can also change the native/internal VLAN of the AP from 1 to any other VLAN by changing the untat ID of the WAN Trunk port.  This allows VLAN 1 to be used as tagged if needed by your network - but this is generally not advised.

I hope this answers your question.

Albert thanku you so much . Very helpful really appreciated thnks for your prompt reply
Thanks again