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User fails authentication too many times in a row when joining WLAN

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In the ZoneDirector I get multiple messages of clients who fails to authenticate too many times in a row when joining a WLAN. We configured multiple Open WLAN networks and it happens by all of them. In the Syslog Guide the action is to check the user credentials, but it's an open network with no encryption.

We use firmware version build 218, but these messages where already their in firmware

Access-points type mostly T300 and ZF7762.

Has anybody experienced this before?


Valued Contributor
Think support would be better suited for this than this forum, but here's a few thoughts.

Have you checked if the cable is OK, that there isn't some big interference there, captured some packets to see if authentication and association go through or if a failure happens there already?

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Curious too, if you check the OUI of the client MACs who are failing to authenticate, is it any one manufacturer, or many?

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@PrimoZ: Checked the cables are OK. It is possible for me to sniff with a macbook and pcap the authentication process. I shall contact support for this too

@Michael: Clients who are failing are from multiple manufacturers, it isn't only one manufacturer.

I was having this problem on R700 with 9.8 branch on 5 GHz radios. I eventually disabled 5 GHz on those until I can do more testing due to negative impact on users.