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New Contributor II
I would like to redirect people connecting to my network to a url without the "Ruckus redirection", very simply connect to my net, forward to url.  No authentication, simple and easy, any help would be appreciated. zd1150 v 9.8

Esteemed Contributor II
Sure.  Define a Guest Access profile and under Authentication - choose No Authentication, don't click the box

to display Terms and Conditions, and do click the Redirection URL box - with the target URL you want people sent to.

People still have to connect to your WLAN, and open a browser, but will wind up where you specify (if your DHCP/DNS

are working).

New Contributor II
It still shows the ruckus redirection page, I have tried this. I want it to go directly to the url, do you know what I mean?

Yes, and if you don't use Authentication, don't display T&C's, and just have redirect URL set, you should be at that page after opening a browser.

Please clear cache, and try other browsers.  I'd like to hear your next test results.  Thanks!

New Contributor II
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