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Upgrading firmware using command line

New Contributor II
Is it possible to use command line to upgrade a firmware on a standalone 7363 AP using a local FTP server?
If so, how should it be done?
The ftp has been setup with a specific user/password, However, the fw command does not seem to start the upgrade.

Esteemed Contributor II
What version of 7363 firmware? And using CLI is the hard way. We have Local
mode upgrade method thru AP WebUI since 9.1.

Does the 'fw show' command show that you have an FTP server, fw control file,
uid/pw setup correctly?

What results do you get when you issue the 'fw update' command? Are you
following the example in the ZoneFlex Access Point CLI guide?

New Contributor II
The current version is 9.7.
The problem is that, since it is a remote site, we cannot access the WebUI remotely through SSH tunneling.
Even an attempt to access it using W3M fails (it shows an empty page)

Please find the information below :
- Software version :
current primary boot image is Image2
Auto F/W upgrade = disabled
Running on image = Image2
FW Control Control File = zf7363_970_cntrl.rcks
Control File Server =
Protocol = FTP
Port = auto
User = "thun"
Password = "adt"
Boot Flags (Main,Backup,Factory,Reset) = M. .. [MB FR]

However, I am not sure about how the fw control file works.

New Contributor II
Result of fw update :
rkscli: fw update
fw: Updating rcks_wlan.main ...
**fw(9472) : File not found

New Contributor II
Alright I found a way to do it.
From what I understand, the ftp has to host 2 files (the firmware file and the control file), put in the root directory of the ftp server.
I edited the control file, after browsing the forums for a while.
However, I am not sure about all the parameters in the fw control file.

The attempt was successful.