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Upgrading ZD1000 3.3.0.x to the latest version.

New Contributor II
When trying to upgrade my ZD1000 firmware from version very old) to the latest, it just says "uploading..." after I click on the firmware file that I want to upload. I don't think it takes 30 minutes to push the firmware to the device.

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Valued Contributor II
Unfortunately you can't upgrade directly. You need to do quite a few stepwise upgrades to move up from a version that old. Please contact support so they can help you through this - we probably don't even have your next valid release posted to the support site.

New Contributor II
I noticed that anything but the latest requires premium support, which is a bit concerning as this is a simple DIY task IMO.

Valued Contributor II
It would have been about 3 years ago 🙂 Now not so much since you've got so many to go through. We did open up the download restriction on the final release for the ZD1000 (it's now EOL and no longer actively supported). I could open up the others, but it still won't help you as you need to get some versions that are tucked away in the archives.

Like virtually all enterprise network vendors, we do normally restrict access to software upgrades to customers with either active support contracts or remaining SW warranty (which is 90-days from receipt).

Esteemed Contributor II
Sean Keys,

Open a case with us and ask for Michael Brado. I'm an old-timer and might
still have some of the old ZD1000 firmware images. You may not be able to
upgrade higher than 7.1 however, if you have one of the very early/initial ZD1ks.

- Michael Brado