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URL filtering custom block page and block page on HTTPS

New Contributor

Hello everyone,

I was trying the URL filtering yesterday and I had two issues I couldn't find any information in the documentation.
(I am using a ZD1200 running firmware. I can upgrade the firmware if necessary to get new features.)

1- I couldn't find any way to customize the block page. Our environment requires me to have multiple languages on the block page and a link for users to open a ticket to request the page to be added to the whitelist. (Having our logo on the page would be good as well.) Does anyone know how to customize the block page?

2- The URL filtering works on both HTTP and HTTPS, but the block page only appears when browsing on HTTP, not HTTPS. Considering that most website/browser will automatically redirect to HTTPS, the users will never see the block page and will only see a browser error. Does anyone know how to have the block page appear on HTTPS?




Imagine a hacker hacking a Starbucks router and redirecting your https connection to their page.
Notification page cannot be displayed in https connection.

That's a secure connection.