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Twilio Integration and Use

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Just received my first order of R700's and have them set up in the lab to muck around with. I've upgraded my ZD to the 9.8 LCS to be able to test the gear. I found the setting to link the ZD to a Twilio account. I linked it up to my account, used the test button and it work. But maybe I'm just being totally blind, but is it not possible to set anything in the system to use that Twilio connection? Ideally I'd love to set the alarms to use the Twilio rather than e-mail. If this isn't an implemented feature yet, I can very much be patient, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't just being dumb.


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You scooped me Ben, but you're right, the upcoming 9.8 release has provisions
to deliver guest pass information to Twilio or Clickatel accounts per early release
user guide info. Please open a ticket with tech support, as you are testing our LCS
firmware, and ask for me. If you have an active Twillio account, I will help test
guest pass delivery. I'm also on the thread Keith mentions to our PLM and Docs

If any other community participants are testing this too, please let us know your

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A new feature to use SMS for guest pass delivery has been added to the ZoneFlex 9.8 release. From the "What's New in ZoneFlex 9.8"

3. Guest Access Improvements
The Guest Access feature set has been improved to provide more control over deployments and offers enhanced guest pass generation options. ZoneDirector users can now crate multiple guest access templates and deploy them to any WLAN, reducing the limitation of one Guest Access network configuration per ZoneDirector. To support the need for guests to connect multiple wireless devices, one guest pass can now support multiple devices. In addition to customizable printed guest passes, e-mail and SMS Guest Pass delivery options simplify guest networks operation and guest information logging. To further simplify operations, ZoneDirector Remote Control 9.8 fully supports all the new and existing features for Guest Access.

Customer Benefits
• Supports multiple Guest Access networks on one ZoneDirector.
• Flexible Guest Pass delivery via print, e-mail and SMS for easy delivery and guest logging.
• Simple lobby admin solution using ZoneDirector Remote Control 9.8 for full Guest Access management.

ZoneDirector with Smart/OS software release 9.8

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HI David (and Michael and Keith)

Thank you very much for your replies. I don't use the Guest Pass features of the ZD, so I did not even check that section.
I wonder, if it might be possible to add to a feature request list somewhere using the SMS feature for Alarm notification. I get so many e-mails a day, I don't look at my phone every time I get an e-mail, but I do look when I get a text message.

Also, can you point me as to where to find the "What's New" PDF? I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere on the support site. If I search just for "What's New in ZoneFlex 9.8" I get no files. If I search by product type (ZD) and software version 9.8, I find the release notes, but not the whats new.
While off topic of this thread, maybe it would be possible for the support system to have a product type of ZoneFlex that all of the ZoneFlex software release get categorized under similar to how FlexMaster is a product? Right now there is a great way to find all documents that pertain to an AP, or to a Zone Director, but if I just want to see ALL of the documents related to the actual software, it means quite a lot of digging to make sure I've found the most up to date file.

Also as one other point of clarification. In any initial documentation about ZoneDirectors, the product description pages call the software "Smart/OS Software". Similar the document snipped above you reference said a ZoneDirector must be running Smart/OS release 9.8. Yet on the support site and pretty much everywhere else, the software running on the ZD is called ZoneFlex 9.8. I don't download a Smart/OS update. I download a ZoneFlex update. In fact, if you do a search for Smart/OS in the support search box, you get 0 hits.

Thanks for everyone's help. Sorry to sidetrack from the main point, but I guess part of my point is that I personally find it difficult to find the right documents on the current support site.


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Hi Ben,

The What's New gets released when the product reaches GA (general availability) phase. We're not there yet and so that's why you're not finding it. Otherwise - yes the Product menu item should take you to all software and documentation on a given product.

Smart/OS - I thought we'd already deprecated that naming - I believe that's the plan (but I can add it as a synonym for ZoneFlex so it will provide decent search results when used).

Finally - you might want to check out Zapier or similar services that allow integration between all sorts of systems -


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Thanks Keith!
Sorry about the confusion about the whats new. Since in the Release notes for 9.8 which are available (with some digging) under Item 2 is says "For a list of features that have been added in this release, see the “What’s New in ZoneFlex 9.8 document, available from the Ruckus Wireless support website.", I thought I was just missing it. I can certainly wait until the GA release.

So far so good with 9.8 and my R700's. A couple quirks to figure out but I'm pretty happy with the product!
Thanks for the Zapier info. I'll have to check it out.