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Tracking lost devices

New Contributor
I am trying to track when a device comes into range. It has been "lost". I know the device details (mac address). Can I set the alert to send me an email if it connects ?

Valued Contributor II
I don't think with our product alone you could, but if you set up remote syslog, there are various syslog servers that have that type of capability (they do a regular expression match on the inbound messages and email alerts based on a match)

A *nix guru could probably craft a shell script in about 10 lines to do the same thing.

New Contributor
That was kindof my next thought, or maybe our DHCP firewall, as it shows the device as active or off-line, but just thought that if there was already a built in function, no need to reinvent the wheel!

New Contributor

 There are many ways to track devices. If the device is connected to the network, this can be one of them. If not, you can try with Find My iPhone app. Though I think if your device is missing, it will be a difficult task to track it. 

You can also do this with Zapier by creating a zap with IFTTT to Google Alerts. There are several options that can be used to get your phone to send you an automated notification when it comes within the range of a specific network. Using this type of action, several apps can trigger an event when your phone wanders away and comes back.

New Contributor III

I'm not sure if this is available in the ZD, but in an Unleashed setup, you can mark a known client as a "favorite" and you'll get an email whenever the client joins or leaves the network. An odd feature (I set my laptop as a "favorite", not having any idea what that would do and started getting emails every time it slept or came back)...