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Time is different on ZD and ZF

New Contributor II
The time is not in sync between my ZD and ZF's. The ZD shows the correct time. All of the ZF's display the wrong time and cause problems with timed WLAN availability.
ZF and ZD are all on same subnet and can communicate.
All ZF show as Connected.
All ZF are the same model.
All ZF have been restarted.
The ZD has been restarted.
The other ZF are,, etc.
The following settings are listed on the ZD and ZF.

ZD 1106
Version build 3
Your current system time is 26 February 2014 1:54:34 PM NZDT
Use NTP Server: YES
NTP Server:
Select time zone for your location: (GMT + 12:00) Auckland, Wellington

ZF 7962
Ruckus ZoneDirector IP Address:
Current Time (GMT): Wed Feb 26 00:54:40 2014

How do I get the time in sync?


New Contributor II
Hi Keith,

Thanks for the info, the AP and ZD are both in the same building.
Is this bug addressed with the latest firmware?

New Contributor II
Hi Temur,

Thanks for your suggestion, I was hoping to avoid performing all the updates to get the ZD to 9.6.2.

I guess updating will do no harm, other than having to do the job out of hours!

Valued Contributor II
This bug is still open so I don't think an upgrade is going to help this issue (it may help others and includes some nice features since your version however..)

Valued Contributor
Still seeing this behaviour on APs (7362/R500 mix) all on 9.10 build 218.

ZD time correct,  set schedule on WLANS to stop daily at 5pm by schedule but in reality they turn off at 4pm.

Memory is a dangerous thing but I feel like this bug has been re-introduced!
My IPAD WLAN was not doing this a month ago (ie pre latest f/w).

Just to let you know this is still current and still irritating!

We have the same problem.
9.9 Fw