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The issue of high density deployment

New Contributor
Hi, I have a meeting room of 200 people, and we have four ZF7982, but many customer could not access wireless correctly, and many client‘s connection speed is very slow, sure , we have a mix clients environment, some are 11bg cient,some are 11nclient, so I want to know how we will handle a high density mixed client environment. Does we have some technology to optimize this situation?

Valued Contributor
We have deployed 4 7341s for 1500 to 2000 people and it works fine, so 7982s should work more than fine.

It's either a FW bug, wrong settings on the APs or something else.
Are you setting channels manualy, or automatically? Are you using ChannelFly or Background scanning? Are all clients having problems or just some? If some, which clients (ipads, androids, nokias, 11bg clients, ...)?

More info = faster solution

But start with disabling 11b and probably 11g too.

Here's some reference