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Client connects to AP with very low signal with an AP directly above

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We recently upgraded to version build 15. Since upgrading I have had a problem with clients connecting to an AP with as low as 5% signal strength when it is sitting directly below an AP with less than 10 other clients connected. We have turned off Load Balancing and still have the same problem. My temporary solution is to create a new WLAN group so the AP directly above the client is the only one broadcasting the SSID.

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@Lars - couple of clarifying questions:

1) Is this client roaming into range of this AP or more or less static (in other words, did it start out connected to the distant AP?)

2) What client? (OS, wireless card, etc)

3) This is only a problem since the upgrade? If yes - verify the AP took the upgrade (log into the AP). We've seen some weirdness with incomplete upgrades

3a) Did you follow the full upgrade path in the upgrade?

4) What model AP?


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I would check Keiths problem No. 3 first. I have seen this the other day. The upgrade to 9.6 didn't go quite right, and APs were loosing connection, clients were disconnected all the time, but 9.6.1 went OK.

3a IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT. Did you upgrade through the correct upgrade path

Mybe try downgrading to 9.6 and upgrading to 9.6.1 again.

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1) No, the device did not start out connected to the distant AP. I hooked up the device myself. There is 4 APs I have seen the device connect to. 1 of the APs is through 2 brick walls and should not connect to it because of low signal strength. When I saw the device connect it was sitting directly under the original AP.

2) The device having the problem is from GMC Motor Company (they call it an MDI) and is plugged into a automobiles ODBC port. I have attached a picture of the network card out of one of the devices. GMC writes the software used.

3) Yes, this problem has only happened since we upgraded from to I have logged into the APs and they show as the Software Version.

4) Yes, we followed the upgrade path according to the website and our Ruckus representative Jared Grffith. We went straight to version from

5) The store I am asking about only has model AP zf7341. I do have another store that has the same problem. They have 2 models of AP zf7982 and the zf7341. At this store the zf7982 is the AP directly mounted in the middle of the shop and the zf7341 are the distant APs.

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The NIC on the device is an AmbiCom Model: WL54-CF