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Temporary license on ZD1100

Hi all,

I have requested a temporary license for my ZD1100. Unfortunately I don't actually need it. What will happen after 30 days? Will it switch back to my previous licensed number of AP's? (12). Will everything stop working? It's not clear what will happen after 30 days. I only see that the temporary license can only be removed by Ruckus Support.

Please help. Thanks!

New Contributor II
Hi,after the expire time on the ZD 1106 you will have just 6 AP for work and other AP not working ....
actually your ZD will switch back to previous license.

New Contributor II
Correct - The ZD will revert to whatever licensing it had before the temporary one was applied after the 30 day expiry.

Thank you. In order to revert back to the previous license should the zonedirector be able to connect over the internet to ruckus?

The ZD licenses are local to the ZD itself so the ZD should not need to contact our licensing server.