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T301s download for ZD3000

New Contributor II
With the Virus we are trying to get some older gear online.  I have the licenses.  I need to get a couple T301s APs connected to my ZD3000.  I never upgraded them past 9.12 so the ZD keeps failing to upgrade them since it is 10.2.  I looked for a download but all I see is ZoneFlex and Unleashed.  HELP

Valued Contributor
Hi Nathan,

You should't need to upgrade the AP prior to joining it to the ZD, hence why we don't usually release individual ZD code for APs.

I'd try a factory reset on the the APs first.  If that's already been done or isn't successful then download the latest standalone firmware and install this on the APs, then join them to your ZD.

Hope that helps,

So the link works but when I click on download it fills my screen with Code.

Esteemed Contributor II
Try a different browser.  FireFox popped up a save file box when I clicked the FW link on the page.