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Support Info Massage meaning

New Contributor
There are a lot of following messages and degraded the performance of AP.

Oct 16 05:52:21 RuckusAP daemon.warn Eved: MLME-REPLAYFAILURE.indication(wlan3 AES-CCM keyid=100 unicast RA:addr=50:a7:33:f7:c9:68 TA:addr=e8:99:c4:aa:0e:2a) (pkt-rsc:10879 k->rsc[1]:10885

Could you please let me know the meaning of the "REPLAYFAILURE" and the condition of generation?

Thank you.

Valued Contributor
Kicking in the dark here, but this could be due to this particular station having reporting of events enabled and it most likely didn't send the report to the AP for some reason and the AP is reporting that.

Is the performance degradation due to this messages? What kind of performance issues?

Esteemed Contributor II
Engineering says the msg is not important, and is removed in current firmware versions.

New Contributor III
Thank you for your answer. We are trying to isolate suspected problem. So we would like to know the meaning of the message in order to relation between the message and the symptom. I see that the msg is not important and no relation with the suspected problem. The symptom we are faced on is client throughput degradation. (less than 300kbps). I know there is a lot of factors so I try to isolate again and submit a support issue later. Thank you for your suggestions.
Beat Regards,

Valued Contributor
If you haven't made a validation survey yet I suggest you do that first. Also do a L1 analysis of the site and the areas where the problem is occurring.

You can also do a packet analysis and look for retries and the client and AP behaviour when they happen.