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Socail Media Login WLAN

New Contributor III
I am studying this Social Media Login WLAN option in the User Manual, introduced with the latest firmware version, and wondering that it is possible to create only 4 this type WLANs per Zone Director.

Is it really true?

I expected that it is possible to support much more WLANs of this type, especially if it is bigger ZD in question.

Best regards and thanks for any useful commnet.

Esteemed Contributor II

    Yes, we have developed a Social Media login WLAN based on customer inputs.  You can create up to 4 (max)
of these type WLANs, is correct, and they can use Facebook, Google/Google+, LinkedIn, or MS Windows Live
to authenticate.  See the section starting on page 191 of the ZoneDirector 9.12.1 User Guide, and TS has written
a Knowledge Base Article on the subject.

New Contributor III
Thanks Michael.

Yes, I understood need and origin of this, but I have expected that it will be possible to configure much more WLANs with this option.

Best regards.