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Smart-roam per ap

New Contributor III
Can i add smart-roam per ap or ap group

Esteemed Contributor II
SmartRoam is applied per WLAN on all APs that advertise/service that WLAN.

It can be used only on your WLAN with Apple clients for example.

Not configurable from the WebUI, the Standalone AP or ZD CLI configuration mode commands are provided in KBA-2277.

You can 'set roam_factor wlanX 3' for typical application benefits, up to a factor value of 5, but is not recommended higher,
although it can be set as high as a 10.

New Contributor III
I've been wanting to know if SmartRoam is configurable on a per AP level as well. The commands aren't available when checked on ZD's CLI but I just checked an AP managed by a ZD via CLI. Commands roam_enable and roam_factor are listed when I entered help radiogroup. Does this mean SmartRoam is possible per AP but on a per WLAN as well?

Per AP (but on per wlan and radio) SmartRoam configuration is possible on a ZD managed AP. Just tried it on one of our customers' AP.