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Email Notification on ZD Failed!

New Contributor III
Need help! I am setting up an email notification on ZD3000 (ver 9.5) but always "Failed!". I've tried all my email accounts gmail, yahoo mail and followed some steps but got no luck.
I associated the IP Address of the ZD to the private IP network that can go to the internet but failures always there.

I also add the DNS of and also to make sure that the DNS were not affecting the failures.

Please see my settings below:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e8135b77e2478db5b5_b2209627742219d0d569660dd8ec8807_RackMultipart20160811755611en4-48d16dc6-87dd-4928-868a-09f3a77c75e3-1987927601.jpg1470893366

Hi try SSL on port 465

465 is not working.. 😞

If I recall correctly, you have to enable and confirm mail being sent from a non-gmail application.  I am using the same settings as you have without an issue.

There were issues with GMail in some of the past versions.  I am running 9.12.

where can I find that? I am using ver 9.5 right now cause we have legacy APs that cannot move to another versions..