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Scripting commands in the CLI

New Contributor
I'm looking to create a script to fill each AP's device name and description fields. I want to be able to rename them all with a few clicks, not manually change each AP in the CLI/GUI. However, there doesn't seem to be a way for me to send a string of commands in one go.

Is there a way to feed a bunch of commands to the unit?

New Contributor
I see there are no replies here.  I would interested in the same thing.  I assume the answer is no?

New Contributor II
maybe not perfect but...
from the ssh shell to the controller i could do :
- remote ap-cli 0C:F4:D5:19:92:60 "set device-name abc"

now... all we need is a way to copy multiple lines to an ssh shell.. but have a few sec delay between each line

you can find the commands between the quotes by accessing an ap directly thru ssh

Thanks.  That will come in handy.

Use symbol ";" to separate your commands in one line.
How to set AP description?