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Ruckuss 7731 RSSi problem

New Contributor
Hello. i am using ruckuss 7731.Root and non-root bridges.Distance is 270 meter.
Rx RSSı is 82
Ack RSSi is 84
According to the documents on the web -75 provide a reasonable service. -85 provides an OK service. -100 provides a barely usable service. -110 provides no service at all.
Although the positive in the documents on the web,it is showed negative in the ruckuss Menu.
Can you help me ?Regards

Hi Seçkin Önder ,

There is a Mapping between RSSI and Percentage value.If the MAX RSSI is 35 , it would be 74.5 to 75% .

RSSI is a vendor specific term , in ruckus 7731 it shows from 5 to 30 MAX depending on the status of the LEDs.

could you share the document you are referring and the print screen of ruckus web ?


Esteemed Contributor II
I'd like to help get best performance from your PtP bridge link. It is very important
that you set the Distance parameter on both RB and NRB to match, and close to
the relative distance between your 7731s.

At just 270 meters, you would use the minimum 1KM setting.

From Configuration::Wireless, clice Advanced Settings button. Use the other
default values, but change the Distance field to be 1 KM.

With this configured on both sides, the next advice is to run Channel Optimizer
from your Root Bridge, under Status::Wireless, click the Start Channel Optimizer
Process link. Your RB will flood the link with UDP in both directions to determine
the best overall throughput channel to use.

When the RB finishes, it will be set to the best channel (according to current RF
conditions). Evaluate the performance on this channel. If you need further
troubleshooting, collect your Support Info, from Maintenance::Support Info page,
from both side bridges, and open a case with Tech Support for deeper RF


I would like add a minor note that if you are using a static channel and running Channel Optimizer and in the end when Channel Optimizer stops, if new good channel is found then change will_NOT_happen on its own, you will have to do it.

Auto channel change after Channel Optimizer happens when smart select is in use.