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Ruckus ac ZD1200

New Contributor

2023/5/27 UTC+8 I used to have 9 R700 ap ac zd1200, which is in normal use. Today, when I add devices, R500 cannot be displayed and the connection cannot be managed by ac


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @umut ,

I assume all R700 are working fine, only issue is observed with R500.

- Verify the AP license number and use count on the ZD.
- Verify the firmware on AP using fw show from cli.
- If license count is good, is there any error you see on the ZD GUI events.
- Share output of get director from AP CLI.


Vijay Kuniyal

Staff Technical Support Engineer

CCNA RnS | CCNA Wireless | CWNA | RASZA | Meraki CMNO | RACPA