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Ruckus ZD3000 not receiving syslog

New Contributor
HI, One of our customer is configured for Ruckus ZD3000 . They are not receiving logs for admin login failed, ap added, wlan group management logs. Which syslog severity and facility has to be enabled to view the logs.

Valued Contributor
Hi Sumathi,

Can you please provide the software version running on the ZD3000 ?

Kind regards

New Contributor
Hi Martin,

Will check for version info with client. Customer has Primary ZD3000 and Secondary ZD3000. Suggested them to use the following integration steps as given in Guide:9.8_ZD_9.8_Syslog_Event_Reference_Guide_-_Rev_B_-_20140612.
every day device is creating 32,000 logs but they are not relevant to user logon behaviour, wlan group management etc. Is their any auditing needs to enabled or debug settings is required here.Please suggest what else info is required , so that i will be drafting email to client. Found Event Type is Information and Log Type is Application.

Thanks in advance