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Ruckus ZD + Radius not working

New Contributor II
Hi all,
I'm trying to set up an wifi connection to our corporative notebooks with Active Directory + Radius auth. I've been folowing this tutorial:

And after everything set up, when i try to connect to the SSID i set up to test, it returns me to the authentication window, to type user and password again.

On the server side, at the NPS logs it wont give me a error. But, if i type my username and password wrong, it says its wrong. 
I've been researching for answers 4 days now and no good. Can you guys help me to make this work?

Im using windows server 16/ZD/Active Directory combo.

Valued Contributor II
So you see in NPS log errors when input incorrect password? You must set log for all NPS requests and check for results of request. Do you have NPR policy set so it allows connection to WiFi? If user has correct password, but in group which have no access to Wi-Fi, password will be approved, but connection not allowed. Check user "dial-in" property and respective setting in NPS policy.
Normally it work pretty easy, but i had some problems on MS side related to server certificates when Radius proxy is used.
Hope it helps

Hi Eizens, thanks for your reply. On the logs, i see all information when it comes to errors, but when i try to connect with the right username/password, it returns me to the wifi screen where i put my username and pass again. It doesnt show at the logs as an error tho. On the policies, all domain users have access to wifi on NPS policy. I

Valued Contributor II
By the way, are you using PEAP or want to authenticate with certificates? I would recommend get it working with PEAP before going to certificates, which are much more difficult to troubleshoot if you are not sure that all other parts work properly.

Im trying to use PEAP, im not working with certificates yet.