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Ruckus-Switch VLAN configuration

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I have configured a stand-alone static switch (Cisco 3550) with three DHCP pools associated to different VLANS. Clients connected to vlan 1 would get IP addresses in range of 192.168.0.X, vlan 10 would be in the range of 192.168.1.X & vlan 20 in the range of 192.168.2.X ... Three different interfaces were configured with all three vlans (For Eg: Port 1 with vlan 1, port 2 with vlan 10 & port 3 with vlan 20). The same were tested by connecting a computer to all three ports and was successfully able to obtain a DHCP ip address in the respective range.

However, when i configure my Ruckus access point with the above mentioned vlan for different profiles, it doesn't seem to work. Three different wireless profiles are created viz. Ruckus@1(Vlan 1), Ruckus@2(Vlan 10) & Ruckus @3(Vlan 20).. Ruckus@3 was enabled & was connected to port no 3 of the switch, yet failed to obtain an IP address for my wireless client.. Can anyone let me know in case if i am doing anything wrong at the Access point end as i am sure the switch configuration is correct?

Thanks in advance!

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Adding to that, the manual of ZD 1100 says that a radius server along with WPA/WPA2 encryption needs to be set. Is the radius server mandatory as i have setup a stand-alone network (Consisting a Switch, access point, ZD and a PC) which is isolated from the main network ??

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Any response on the same ?

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hi all,

i have the same issue regarding Vlans on ZoneFlex AP. i have an access point managed by a ZD. the AP is connected to a cisco trunk switch port with only the vlan 200 allowed. i have a dhcp server connected to this switch also and with a dhcp pool on vlan 200. I configured the access vlan on ZD as vlan 200. however, the end user can't get an ip address.

i think that this is due to the fact that the AP Ethernet interface is on Access mode not on Trunk as it should be.

i would like to know what heppen exactly when we configure access vlan id on ZD??? does the AP begins to tag client frames?? what about the AP ethernet port??

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In this case, having your ZD controller connected to an access port in VLAN 200 is fine.
The most common/likely way to get your APs to work with the ZD is to connect the APs to trunk ports with their native VLAN set to 200.

This way, the AP and the ZD should get IP addresses in the same subnet and be able to discover each other.

If it's done this way, the AP sees it's management packets as untagged (a.k.a. VLAN 1) and the ZD sees all packets as untagged.
As a result, the AP does not need to be aware that it's management packets will arrive on VLAN 200 and the ZD does not need to be aware of any VLAN tagging.

note: you should not attempt to place any wireless clients (laptops, phones, SSIDs) in your VLAN 200.
You should create additional VLANs to carry client/SSID traffic.