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Restrict users from creating HotSpot using WLAN from ZD

New Contributor
HI Team,
Can you please suggest me if it is possible to restrict users from creating private Hotspot using the corporate WLAN that we have configured using our ZD3000. This because we have restricted certain users from using WLAN but some people usually create HotSpot from there machine and other access this network to access internet.
Your help/suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Valued Contributor II
Dear Rohit

As per my understanding, you are looking for a solution for a issue which needs good "enforced" IT policy, user education on Pros and Cons, may be change in IT policy. Someone in your org is using corporate device(laptop) for installing an hotspot application for others which is outright wrong,

Or You create a another rate limited WLAN for those users which are restricted at this time and VLAN it to a network which is ISOLATED from corporate/production network. this is win win situation for users as they don't have to go & use WiFi via hotspots anymore which is IT managed/controlled This may require a change in IT policy too as not addressing this in long term is a real threat Corp wireless network and information security which these unmanaged hotspots bring to the plate

You can read this great post on this issue -

Hope this helps.

PS No feature in ZD which addresses this as per my knowledge.