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Resolve Rescue MODE for ZONEDIRECTOR 1100

New Contributor

How can i resolve this issue, RESCUE MODE for ZONEDIRECTOR 1100, system can't boot the ZONE DIRECTOR Image correctly?


Hope anyone can assist us,

Thank you in advance!


New Contributor III

I have managed to upgrade the FDW for the H500 wall mount and it installed OK, I still do not have any internet access on any of the Ruckus devices. Two different R700 devices and one H500 Wall Mount. he LEDs are lighted on the units but they so not allow internet. what is wrong. I included a group of recent screenshots showing the after effects of the new FW install.H500 Missing Info.JPGH500 Upgraded FW3.JPGH500 Upgraded FW4.JPGUpgraded H500 FW.JPGUpgraded H500 FW2.JPG

New Contributor III

As I continue to try to get my Ruckus R700  devices to work, it seems to get worse instead of better. After a firmware upgrade and numerous resetting, I still can't either of the two R700 devices to access the internet.


To make matters worse, both of them are set with STATIC IP addresses, but I cannot access either one, whether I use the Google or Firefox engines!

Using the ZD1100 Director, I can see both devices but they are visible on the Dashboard but I can not find anywhere in the menus to set up internet access. 

I haveConfiguration Settings.JPGShowing Access Points.JPGSystem Configuration Of ZD1100.JPGNumber Of Devices.JPGConfigure Mode.JPG included several screenshots of the ZD1100 configuration as well as the Access Points. I really need some guidance here.


One last weird item: I have an H500 Wall Mount AP and I have it configured for MANUAL rather than STATIC. When I put it online, I was able to access it AND the internet but only on one PC on my network. No other PCs can see the internet thru the H500. what' the deal with that? Coincidentally, it is the same PC I used to set up all the devices that allows me to access the H500 and connect to the internet. This is very strange!! When I use a laptop and try to access the H500 to connect to the luck. And now that I set the H500 to MANUAL instead of STATIC, I can no longer access the device's set up pages.