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Rate limiting per WLAN

New Contributor
I'm familiar with the ability to rate limit per client in ZoneDirector, but I'd like to see if I can limit the overall rate for each of our three WLANs. Can anyone suggest a best approach to do this?

Valued Contributor II

i understand what you are asking however would like to know what you plan to achieve by doing so?

We are a K-8 school, and our middle school students use Chromebooks on a dedicated WLAN. Rate limiting per client is very useful, so that no single student can tie up too much bandwidth, but I'd also like to ensure that as a group they don't use 100% of our allocated bandwidth. To be specific: we have a 50 Mbps Internet connection, and I want to limit the overall middle school (as a group, not merely as individuals) to something less than 50 - perhaps 30 Mbps.

New Contributor
I am interested to know to. Any one??

New Contributor II
The only way I know how to do this would be at the firewall or switch.  If your firewall supports traffic management/rate limiting, you can limit the bandwidth there.  Otherwise I think you'll have to do at the switch using rate limiting.  Don't know of anyway to do it natively on the ZD.