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R700 keeps dropping connections of all connected users

New Contributor II
Hi guys,

I have an R700 running at my workplace that has about 50 people connected (approx. 75 devices). The encryption type is AES.

What reasons could cause all users to simultaneously be kicked off?



Valued Contributor
A reboot of the AP (for reasons unknown) would do it. I assume you have ruled this out.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Sam,

Few reasons i can think of

1. Channel change,
2. AP software crash which may result in AP reboot As
3. brief Power outage.

if this is happening on a regular basis and you can check the same by looking at its support file which will tell on disconnects.

hope this helps.

Hope this

New Contributor II
We haven't changed the channel of the router (perhaps a neighboring one has?) and the unit runs on a backup battery with a number of other devices, so I can rule out power outage.

That leaves a crash of the software. Is there anything in particular I should look for in a the logs?

Valued Contributor II
Hi Sam,

If AP is using channelfly feature then whenever it changes channel then there would be brief disconnect.

For AP crash, you need to see the AP support file and support team is trained to detect AP crashes from it.

Hope it helps.