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Problem GuestPass Self Service "Invalid CountryCode"

New Contributor II
Hi Everyone,

I use zd1200 and APR310.
I found problem with feature Guest pass self service on firmware 9.12.2, 9.12.3, 9.13.3.
There is appear "Invalid CountryCode" when i submit the email. Kindly need your help guys. ThanksImage_ images_messages_5f91c3ee135b77e2478ec400_3b7e5309e8f77248c27045205f863863_RackMultipart2017040724461ofkk-30c5ba2a-1207-46b2-8c90-45b4ea5d4ba3-286602869.jpeg1491578138

I had the same issue. you need to select in configure-->guest access service then tick "Enable guestpass self service" you will get "Notification Method" if its nothing you get this error. I use email notification so I configured the email in configure-->email and that fixed it.. 

Yesterday i try with notification method "Device Screen" and its work. So we dont must configure email server/sms server. Thanks for your information