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Overriding User-Name via RADIUS attribute

New Contributor
Hey guys,

I found this little article:

Plus it's mentioned in the RADIUS RFC that Access-Accept packet from RADIUS may contain a User-Name attribute in which case the access point should "override" (should use from now on) the existing username.

Eg. you have a working MAC authentication, your Ruckus device sends a RADIUS request with aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff as username, RADIUS grants access but it also has an attribute User-Name = John Doe. From now on, on your Ruckus access point and in forthcoming accounting packets a user name of "John Doe" will be used.

It's a valid use of the attribute and its mentioned on the page above. However, I can't get this to work - my access points seem to ignore the attribute.

Has anybody ever done it here?

New Contributor III
I am also interested in this. I am working with tech support on this very issue. If you ever figure it out, please post back. Thanks!