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Optimize 7782 for Airplanes in an airport

New Contributor

I’m testing an 1100 ZoneDir and 2X 7782 in an airport. The company wants to give it pilots an IPAD, for flightlog and maintenance. But airplanes are made of metal and it’s killing the wireless signal inside the plain. What can I do to optimize the 7782 performance, to get the best possible signal inside the air-plane?.

Valued Contributor II
You've got a pretty good imitation of a Faraday cage there...(and attenuation from people, insulation, etc) so it's not going to be easy. One of my colleagues suggests this is usually accomplished via in-plane AP connected to some external data connection (satellite, etc).

A lower-tech idea would be to try a wifi repeater (with a nice directional antenna) in the cockpit.