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My Ruckus/ZD can provide some minimal location services/information (by triangulation) And yours should too.

Contributor III
Ruckus should include a feature similar to:
This script I wrote that downloads the results of a "get detected" command from a ZD controller. (and processes the downloaded data a bit)

Now I can do this:

fgrep 10:68:3f:ef:15:da getdetected | ./apnames.sed
be-7982-3-n 10:68:3f:ef:15:da 128
be-7982-325 10:68:3f:ef:15:da 250
be-7372-229 10:68:3f:ef:15:da 341
be-7982-1-s 10:68:3f:ef:15:da 184
be-7982-3-s 10:68:3f:ef:15:da 360

To find all the APs that can see the mac address of a particular client, along w/ the Signal-To-Noise ratio (in dBx10) seen by each AP.

Now I can (mentally) triangulate the position of the client based on signal reports from each AP.

Let me know if anyone (else) wants this feature.

Valued Contributor II
Very cool Bill! We of course have a full location services offering but I suspect you're seeing this as more of a diagnostic tool (which SPoT can't be used for much)

Contributor III
My use case is:
"Where's that so-and-so client with peer2peer malware sharing turned on!"
"Why am I associated to *that* AP and not the one I'm standing next to?"

Somehow I missed last month's SPoT product announcement.

...that requires 9.8 firmware to be installed.
Did that really come out 4 days ago?
I guess I missed that too.

Oh, yes.. and like SPoT, my script provides data that allows me to Trilaterate. (not triangulate)

Do you have any idea if 9.8 provides more SNMP data to make this process quicker?
It takes me almost a full minute to download all the "get detected" info from the controller.

New Contributor
I don't think 9.8 improves on the querying of SNMP based RSSI. SPoT uses a completely different process (the AP actually pushes the data to the cloud service)

9.8 was not announced because it's not yet GA - so it's in controlled release (LCS) phase. It's a little more public than usual because the new R700 802.11AC AP requires 9.8.

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