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Migration network from ZD to UMM

New Contributor

Dear ruckus support team,

I am planning to upgrade current network setup, which consists of 50 Ruckus R510 and 50 R550 Access Points connected to a ZoneDirector 1200 (ZD1200) controller. I am interested in transitioning to the Unleashed setup and migrating all Access Points to the Unleashed Multi-Manager (UMM).

To ensure a smooth upgrade process, I would appreciate your guidance on the following,

1. Migrating to UMM: What is the recommended process for migrating Access Points from ZD1200 to UMM? Are there any best practices or potential pitfalls I should be aware of?

2. Preparing for master Access Point: What steps should I take to prepare one master AP in Unleashed setup? and how to add it in umm.

3. ZD1200 Configuration: Do I need to make any specific configurations on the ZD1200 before migrating to UMM?

4. Post-migration Considerations: Once the migration is complete, are there any additional steps I should take to optimize my Unleashed setup?

I have already procured the necessary UMM license for this migration. Now, our primary objective is to execute this transition efficiently within the shortest possible timeframe while ensuring minimal disruption to our network operations.

If possible, please outline the steps involved, any prerequisites we need to address, and any potential challenges we may encounter during the transition. Additionally, any tips or best practices to optimize the migration process would be invaluable to ensure a smooth transition.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in ensuring a successful upgrade and migration. Thank you in advance.