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New Contributor
We have a ZD1100 with 5 zf7962 and 7 zf7341 all connected to our gigabit wired network. A "consultant" has recommended meshing be enabled to enhance roaming between access points. I cannot find any documentation to support this - in fact most seems to suggest not enabling meshing. The only possible advantage would be if part of the wired network failed then the aps may still operate. Should I believe the consultant?

Meshing has nothing to do with devices roaming between points as far as I understand it! 🙂 - and yes, wired network failure is a predominant use for Mesh. Also, could be bridging two separate wired network as we used once, long ago, between a temporary building on site and the main school.

Valued Contributor II
I think they might have meant "tunneling", which can improve roaming. On a ZD1100, with a lot of clients you do need to keep an eye on resource (CPU/RAM) usage though.

Valued Contributor II
Not to confuse, if your deployment is mix of 7341 and 7962 on same site. (I know you mentioned). Just a heads up, 7341 and 7962 will not MESH with each other as 7962 will mesh ONLY with same type AP like 7982, 7762, 7363 etc.