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Meaning of "Failed" message from ZD in trying to get AP support info

New Contributor
Trying to AP support info through ZD, the message of "Failed! Unable to download system info for " is returned from the ZD occasionally. Can you please let me know what is the case we get this message?

Valued Contributor II
There are probably several valid reasons for this. One that comes to mind is that this is a streaming transfer (of potentially a lot of data) through the LWAPP tunnel and it probably has a fairly tight timeout value to avoid CPU hogging. So if the transfer can't complete in time you'd likely see a message like that.

Can you give more information like the version of ZoneFlex you are running and any insight into the latency between ZD and AP's? Is this a scripted function you are running? If so, a test would be to log directly into the APs to get the info.

MTU might also potentially be a factor

New Contributor
Thanks a lot for your comments. The question actually comes from our carrier customer who deploys Ruckus wifi system on his network. So the network traffic must be really crowded and your comments is reasonable to explain the symptom.
It's not serious problem for the customer and I think I will be able to close this customer's case with your comments.