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Best meshing AP

I have a bunch of 7363's and while the mesh works great if the AP's can connect to each other, I haven't been real impressed with the physical range of the meshing functionality. I believe the mesh is only on 5 GHz, so it makes sense that it won't reach as far as 2.9, but even so, it hasn't been really impressive. I have all radios cranked up to 100% output power. I have a couple 7363's by windows in neighboring houses, about 100 feet apart, with basically line of sight, and they have trouble connecting to each other via mesh.
If there is another indoor AP that has better range for meshing, would it be the highest numbered model of AP, or is there a specific model that may not be the flagship/most expensive AP, but is built more to facilitate meshing?
The Zonedirector allows for an "auto" mesh setting, and also allows for "root AP" and "mesh AP" configuration. Do these settings have any difference in the mesh performance?
Thanks for any reply.

Valued Contributor
I don't think a different AP will solve it. Power output is the same on all. I think it's more of obstacles in the way that are preventing MESH to work.

I've had similar things happen to me. MESH barely worked on 30ft. Sometimes it happens.

Is it better if you open the windows?

Thanks for the reply!
I have not tried opening the windows, as that's not an option anyway during the winter. This needs to work regardless.

Does orientation of the AP make a difference? I'm not sure I've ever seen signal propagation maps for the 7363.

Valued Contributor II
For indoor APs the signal looks more or less like a donut that extends out from the dome. So edge-to-edge would give the best signal propagation.

Thanks. What about ceiling mounted versus the AP sitting on a desk? How does that affect the signal propagation? In other words, all else being equal, is there more signal radiated under or above the AP, or is there no difference?