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Management VLAN for Ruckus ZoneDirector and APs reccomended?

Contributor III

i read the ZoneDirector User Guide where are several possible Network VLAN Designs listed.

In the past i created a own VLAN for my Ruckus Hardware und placed the ZD and my APs untagged/nativ into this VLAN. All SSIDs have set a own Access VLAN.

My Question:
Is there a General reccomendation from Ruckus? Should i create a own Management VLAN or should i simply use an existing one where also Server, Clients, Printer, etc. are Members?

It would be interesting for me how other Installations are.

Best Regards

Contributor II
In general it is not a good idea to tag your management interface. On the ZD it might be fine, but not a good idea on the AP, if you want to add more APs or if you have to factory default an AP of replace an AP, you have to have an untagged or "provisioning" port that will allow the AP to make an initial connection so it will know to use the AP management VLAN after the AP is provisioned on the ZD.

If you remember to always use the "provisioning" port or change the APs port to untagged during initial connection and change it back after the AP has pulled it's configuration from the ZD, it should work.

Either way will work, you just have to remember the management vlan when adding/replacing/factory defaulting an AP.

I have only had one customer who, after hearing this, was fine with tagging the AP management interface, but most opt to leave it untagged.


Contributor III

ok. So i will add my ZD + APs to an untagged Port. This is what i've done in the past, too.

If I understand right it doesnt matter (expecially from security perspective) if i am adding my ZD and APs to an existing VLAN with other Ressources (Servers, Clients) or create a new VLAN just for my Ruckus Wireless Infrastructure.