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Long term guest pass - reauthentication?

I have users that will be at my location once a week over a long time close to a year. I want them to use guest network so I don't have them join our internal secure wireless. I am going to create a guest pass that is valid for 365 days. My question is will the user need to enter guest pass key every time they visit the site or will the zonedirector recognize their device fingerprint and just let them in?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Brian,

Under the Configure/WLANs page, and Edit your Guest Access WLAN, expand
the Advanced Options at the bottom of the box, and look for Grace Period. The
maximum value, 144000 corresponds to one week time period. Your visitor will
not need to enter their guest pass again, if they return within one week's time.
And the guest pass will be good for a year (365 days), as you configured.