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Guestpass Generation

New Contributor
We are having Ruckus Wireless in our organization.I would like to ask when we give access to the guest by generating guest pass and then once they browser for internet it must ask you for key.Once key is supplied the session starts.I want when people close the browser and some one else logged in they must be asked for the password.Could you please help me in configuring it.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Vinit,

This is an interesting question. We do not expect our customers' guests to be
sharing laptops, and typically the customer wants their guests to re-authenticate
while visiting, to not need to enter the guest pass again. You are asking to end
a guest session when they close their browser, so that they (or someone else)
will need to login anew, and we do not have this capability today. And if the other
guest is also accessing your Guest Access WLAN to access your network, would
you care if it was guest-user1 or guest-user2 who enters their Guest Pass? You
can discuss your business case with your local VAR or Ruckus SE, who would
need to submit a Feature Request on your behalf, to the Product Marketing Mgrs
who decide on what features to develop, if this would be important/useful to you.