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It is possible to integrate a Cisco access point in zone director 1200

New Contributor II
I have a Ruckus infrastructure with a controller zonedirector 1200 and 25 access point R500, it is possible to integrate an access point cisco AIR-CAP3602E-E-K9

No, ZoneDirector can only control Ruckus APs. 

New Contributor III
You can add the Cisco AP to the infrastructure, the only thing is that you can't manage it with the ZD, but can configure it manually and the clients will roam and do everything like they normally do. The only thing that you should know is that if you have some policies in the ZD they won't be applied through the Cisco AP.

I would recommend against that because any time you roam between 2 separately managed wireless networks, there are differences that the client doesn't see and roaming can end up quirky.

Well I have done this a couple of times using the same subnet and the roam works great, no difference. Now if you use different subnets of course that it would be kinda slow and messy for the client