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Island SSID Probblem encountered

New Contributor II
Hi, I am an IT Support from one of the Hotel in the Philippines and I have problem of Ruckus ZoneFlex 7341/3. The problem I encountered is that we already configured the SSID of the said AP in the Hotel but after a couple of days, we found SSID named "Island" in the said hotel. We already upgraded the Firmware of the ZOneDirector but we still found "Island" SSID in the area and the worst case was, some of time, few will be found "Island" sometime, lots of them will be found. Please help us on how to resolve this kind of problem because our company are losing money on this. your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Valued Contributor
Do you mean your clients are seeing another hotels wifi which is called "island"?
Do you mean your clients can see multiple instances of "island" coming from your access points?
Something else?

1. wouldn't surprise me
2. would be a little weird

yeah, i mean, our ruckus access point is also broadcasting "island" which is very inconvenient to our guests. The configured SSID name of the AP is most likely gone if the Ap itself is broadcasting "Island".

Thank you Keith for the help....