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How to disable log message Received SNMP packet(s) from UDP: [x.x.x.x [More Information] ]:55743 ?

New Contributor III

Ruckus sends log messages gently stating that it has received SNMP query message. We use 2 systems to pull information from the controller, so syslog is being flooded by the SNMP (2 messages each minute).

How to disable this spam?

Thank you.

Valued Contributor II
It sounds like your logging level is set a bit high. You might want to set it to Critical unless you're dependent on other messages at the higher level. Sounds like it might be at Warning right now.

That's also a very aggressive polling schedule - if you can increase the interval without affecting your business practices I would recommend it. SNMP is fairly impactful to CPU.

New Contributor III
Well, the question was how to remove those messages only and not decrease logging level.

We have to provide data from severity low (users joining and leaving, rx bytes & tx bytes are computed into graphs from logs montly), we need users' sessions time.

(We would also like to have users kind of devices to perform a statistics, but as it seems to be inpossible on Ruckus we had it done on debug on external DHCP server).

So the question is still valid - is it possible to remove only those logs? Now, THEY are expensive as they are not paying back.

Valued Contributor II
No, there is no discrete control over which log messages are sent.

You may want to take a look at either FlexMaster or our soon to be released SmartCell Insight reporting product as both provide quite extensive reporting capabilities that are not fully dependent on SNMP.