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Is there a way to view the configuration in a .BAK file without a ZoneDirector?

New Contributor II
I have some deployments over seas that I can not access remotely. I need to view the current configuration on the ZD3000 pair that is deployed at the site. I have the configuration file (.BAK) but only have a ZD1100 locally and cannot restore the ZD3k file to the ZD1100. Is there a utility I can use to view this configuration without a ZD3k?

New Contributor II
There is a log analyzer(debug analyzer) On the root of the support site. It will show you a lot of good data in the debug file but I don't think it has what you are looking for.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c409135b77e24792b3a6_6bec202290dfdcf789405fbaf0cb69b4_LogAnalyzer_inline-d242ee6e-31a1-442c-8959-479796767653-147582087.jpg1370975246

Since you cant access a ZD3k you may need to open a case with support and see if they can give you instructions to rebuild a duplicate configuration based off of what they can see in the backup file.

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10-4. Opened the case and going through this now.

Thanks for the reply.

New Contributor
You can try restoring the backup file (*.bak) from the ZD3k to ZD1100, just make sure both are running the same firmware version.

New Contributor III
backup file loads up fine but nothing shows up. i think backup file is not supported on rowdy.