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Internet disconnect after few minutes of operation.

New Contributor II
Setup details:
Ruckus SZ100 WC1 & WC2
R600 Access Points
DHCP server with different scopes
Switch with different vlan assigned to scopes respectively.

Affected devices: Apple Iphone (10/450)

Tried: connecting to different AP (connected to different switch)

Hope I can get some information from experts. 

Thank you. 

IOS11 problems?

yes, few devices are ios11. one 10.x and 2 android devices. 

I can see the traffic(firewall console) 

I know that there are a lot of problems with IOS11, but not sure if your problems have to do with this...

the same device can connect to other open wireless without any issues. We have two wireless networks. 1 protected and another open with separate controllers. Now issues with protected wireless only.