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Internet Explorer 11 and zonedirector webpages?

New Contributor
I had a couple laptops testing Win 8.1 and neither were able to connect to the ZD/activate pages to get a dpsk. I was able to use firefox to get the prov.exe.

I tried the admin page and guest login pages but none loaded, just blank. if I got to http I do get redirected to https but nothing loads.

Valued Contributor II
(resisting the urge to bash IE development team..again...)

Thx Mykel. We don't officially support Win 8.1 (they have to release, then we have to catch up...). I've reported this to our QA department and product management teams.

New Contributor II
Just found the same thing today. Windows 8.1 can not receive the hotspot landing page for the user to sign in. Install Firefox and it works. I have tried changing all sorts of settings in IE but have not yet found a fix.