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Interference with multiple SSID on same antenna ???????

New Contributor II
i have 1AP with 6 SSID.. it means 6 RF signal ??
therefore, it means AP causes his own interference ??
its similar to have 6 antenas on same place radiating with same

channel and power.???
devices( as a laptop) receive 6 signals and therefore

interference wich comes from one antena????


Esteemed Contributor II
Your AP may have two radio/antenna combinations, in 2.4G and 5G radio bands. You can advertise up to 8 SSIDs on each radio, but less than 5 is recommended.

The APs do not interfere with themselves, but use time division multiplexing
methods to share the bandwidth among the wireless clients using your SSIDs.

Investigate CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) training online for
better understanding.

New Contributor II
6 SSID means, 6times beacon packet generated in each radio chip set.
So it's not the issue of interference, it have 6 times more congestion issue compare to only one SSID running

Valued Contributor II
That's not entirely accurate either. Each SSID results in a slight additional overhead because there are certain management frames (like beacons or broadcast/multicast traffic) that must be done per SSID. But unless you have an extremely dense network, it is probably not an effect you will notice. Bottom line, you can run 6 SSIDs on low to medium density networks without much concern, and it is not like putting 6 Ap's right next to each other.