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IPTV project suggestion

New Contributor III
I am a student dorm manager. I have a project about
distrubute tv signals (DVB-S) over wireless. I have a workstation to encode the signals to lower bitrate and also I bought 2 piece Ruckus 7982 with ZD 1100 a few years ago. That dorm capacity is 100 max. All clients are wireless users with tablet or smartphones. Is it possible to give a healty signals over wireless. I choosed my network equipment for suitable to IPTV and IGMP with  strong APs. My network switch is EX3200 - Juniper Networks. Is there an experienced user to lighten my way to go ?

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus first products were designed with IPtv in mind.  Our SmartQoS recognizes and catagorizes Voice Video Data and Background packets.
Tablets and SmartPhone are fine as wireless clients, maybe they can share 2.4G and 5G bands.  As long as you have multicast routing and IGMP
capable switches, streaming IPtv should be no problem.  Many of our Hotel customers provide IPtv services to their guests.  I test multicast with VLC.

I know Michael, I choose 7982's not random I have got idea about IPTV and Ruckus is capable to do that before I buy. But do not know how to design all together to make an IPTV streaming system. I hope somebody help me from here who before succeed at that topic.

We're a pretty savvy audience, if you would like to describe your network infrastructure?
Have you tested the WS server hosting DVD-S, and does it work in your wired environment now
with PC/laptops?
If so, it should also be visible to your wireless clients on the same VLAN at similar performance.

Here is my network schmatic. I have HP-Z420 workstation (Intel Xeon E5-1650 with 32 gb ram), that workstaton has dvb card (TBS6905 DVB-S2 - ) I want to get stream from dvb card then distribute to the wireless smartphone users. First I want to distribute 8 channel. Each channel is nearly 8-10 mb/s. It seems I need to encode each channel 2-3 mb/s for a healty wireless bandwith. My switch is juniper ex3200 and I also have zonedirector 1100. Each floor has 7982. So summary is like that. I do not know what else to say, I really need a road map for my dream project.

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