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I have a problem with freeradius on 802.1x

New Contributor
I have a problem with zonedirector 3000 and 802.1x (freeradius)
i want to authenticate users when they connect to our SSID, i configure a freeradius server and then add the server to the freeradius
the ZD connects with freeradius, and this process the request but i read the errors on freeradius log, it looks like the end device and freeradius will need certs to work and with my older devices this wasn't necessary so the question is
Can i use freeradius to validate username and password without installing a certificate on every device?
Thank you in advance

New Contributor
I already fixed!
The problem was the server because i was using freeradius with mysql connecting with other database (a view) to get users updated but in the id field i was putting a very long number so it cant add the user to the table after authentication, so i change the type of the field of database and it works now

New Contributor
This is ok
.can we limit per user to maximum 3 sessions only on freeradius or zone director

New Contributor III
Hi Dinesh,

We can limit the per user sessions on Freeradius end.