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How to move AP licenses from controller to controller?

New Contributor III

I have two separate ZD1100 controllers - one for production and second for a backup. Production is licensed for 25 APs and backup is licensed for 5 APs.

What is the best procedure to move licenses when the primary fails and I have to install backup one?

Thank you.


Valued Contributor
You can run both ZD in redundancy mode, however they both need to be on the same licence count. So they must both be on 25. You will either have to buy a 25 licence upgrade or if conditions apply Ruckus will upgrade your backup ZD for free. Maybe contact support and ask.

New Contributor III

I've contacted the support, found out that I already have WatchDog Redundant Controller Support for ZD1100 One Year Support and my second device is eligible for additional licenses. I had to register the product and install the licenses.

Moreover, I don't have to configure the redundancy if I don't want to. So all is solved, on chat.


It is technically a license violation to run them independently with the additional licenses.

Thank you for pointing this; as stated above this is for backup so it never runs until main one dies.